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BYG Middle School

At Beltline, we hope that your 6th-8th grader will feel that they are supported and loved all the while learning more about who Jesus is and why we should have a relationship with Him.

6th-8th Grade Yearly Events Schedule

- Middle School Weekend Event/DEEP (3rd Weekend of Sept)

- Area Wide Retreat (Oct 18th-20th)

- BYG Fall Retreat (1st Weekend of Dec)

- Exposure Youth Camp (Dec 27-30)

- BYG Girls/Guys Split Retreat (6th-12th)/Winterfest (Feb 14th-17th)

- Middle School Retreat/SOAR (March 14th-16th)

- Lads to Leaders (Easter Weekend)

- Maywood Camp (Last week of May)

- Middle School Grade Trash Panda Game (June)

- Decatur Work Camp (June 9th-13th)

- Volunteer/Work Beltline VBS (June/July) 

- Legacy Faulkner (July 18th-21st)

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