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Where are bible classes located?

  • All youth group classes are located upstairs in the rooms listed below. Let us know you are coming and we will have someone meet you and show you to your classroom!

  • Sunday morning Bible class (9am) 

    • Middle school (Room 502) 

    • 9th/10th grade (Room 508) 

    • 11th/12th grade (Room 505)

  • Wednesday evening Class (7pm)

    • Middle school (Room 502) 

    • 9th/10th grade (Room 508) 

    • 11th/12th grade (Room 505)

How do I sign up my teen for events, camps, etc?

  • Most, if not all, events and camp registrations will be under the Sign-Up & Forms tab on our website. There may be a few exceptions from time to time. To get plugged into more communication from all parents within the BYG, please ask to be added to our Group Me for last minute updates, etc.

How do I pay for what I’m signing my teen or myself up for?

  • Most sign-ups and registration links will allow for online payment when you are filling them out, but we always offer a deferred payment option. AND we always offer payment assistance if you need it! We want your teen to be involved and come. So please, feel free to reach out to us if you are needing payment assistance for any of the events, retreats, or camps we are attending as a group. 


What are the Beltline Youth Life Groups?

  • LIFE groups are designed to connect faithful adults at Beltline to our students in direct discipling relationships where they share life together. Each group has 2-3 LIFE group leaders and is split up by gender and grade. 

  •  LIFE groups meet the first Wednesday of every month from 7-8pm (If visiting, go straight to room 508 and you will be directed to the proper LIFE group) 

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